Meet the Monster Xing Team

Jared Yeager

Jared Yeager (Big Monster/Lead Design)

Jared Yeager got his hands on a NES and Commodore 64 when he was six and it has all been flashing lights and button mashing ever since. A graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts, where he also studied game design, Jared has worked on the publishing side of the game industry for almost ten years. Zombonie is Jared's first independent game, developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch in collaboration with current USC students Andrew Ogden and Patrick Shay. Believing that such a crazy game deserved an equally crazy developer, MONSTER XING was born. Jared loves making games because your creative freedom is only limited by the bounds of your imagination. When not working on games with his fellow monsters, Jared can be found creating monster special effects for films, scaring the local villagers, and playing a lot of pinball.

Andrew Ogden

Andrew Ogden (Programming)

Andrew Ogden is a Senior at the University of Southern California studying Computer Science (Games). Andrew started playing video games at a young age, but it wasn't until he started programming in high school that he found he could combine these two passions. His focus is on programming mobile and social games. He has had a blast working with Jared and the rest of the Monster Xing crew.

Patrick Shay

Patrick Shay (Art/Animation)

Patrick Shay is also a senior at the University of Southern California majoring in Computer Science (Games). Patrick's love of gaming has driven his career towards programming and making art for games. He has enjoyed this opportunity of working with everyone at Monster Xing.

Kristen Carter

Kristen Carter (Art)

Kristen Carter grew up in the frozen northland of Minnesota. Seeking artistic opportunities and warmer climates she moved to LA where she discovered she could take two of her life's passions and mush them together: art and video games. Now instead of drawing on walls and playing her NES, she is doing art for the gaming industry. She attended the Otis College of Art and Design before moving on to the Concept Design Academy where she continues to study. As a freelance artist, she works in traditional mediums as well as digital creating illustrations, CD packaging designs and logos. Additionally, she creates character, environment, and UI designs for the mobile gaming industry and soon hopes to take her skills to console. When Kristen isn't creating she's probably baking you a cake.

Lawrence Everson

Lawrence Everson (Audio Design)

Lawrence Everson is an independent sound designer and re-recording mixer whose creative portfolio spans a diversity of projects and formats. He studied film and game design at the University of Southern California. Lawrence has sound edited and mixed the 2010 Independent Spirit Award winner '45365', directed the audio production for game titles such as Jeopardy! and the $100,000 Pyramid, developed custom sound design for interactive training simulators for the U.S. Military, and recorded location audio and sound effects across a range of unique geographies from the Middle East to the heart of Africa to the surface of Mt. Everest. When not in the studio Lawrence is often out traveling the world, performing music, or playing games.