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Zombonie Poster

Do you have the guts to ride?

The zombie apocalypse is here, so what are you gonna do about it?!

Well, you just happen to drive the ice re-surfacer at the local skating rink and have one heck of a knack for engineering (too bad you spent your college years playing video games).

As the zombies pound at the gates, you quickly combine your smooth ice making baby with the spinning prowess of a street sweeper, and the crushing power of a steam roller as you create the ultimate zombie splattering machine.

For you are now mankind's final savior, the undead skull smasher, and the reaper of the reanimated...

You drive... THE ZOMBONIE!!!

Hit the streets and take back the city, block by block, as you run down every zombie in sight and literally paint the town red! Just watch out for the fleeing civilians still trying to make their way out of the city. Your hero record won't look so hot with innocent collateral damage on your squash list...